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Microsoft Viva Goals

Manage OKRs like a pro
with Microsoft Viva Goals

Clear goals for employee success 

Perform365 brings a best-practice framework for managing OKRs and SMART goals. 

Manage employee and organizational goals with Perform365 for Microsoft Viva. The simple, transparent, and effective way to help your people succeed.

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Stay aligned with Microsoft Viva goals

Microsoft Viva Goals is powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams. So naturally, you’ll benefit from all the great things that the Perform365 Microsoft Teams app has to offer. 

Essentially, you and your employees get joined up in employee engagement, performance management and goal-setting. Also, real-time engagement, sentiment, and performance analytics show you the real business picture 

Finally, it’s all based on a simple, regular digital check-in that encourages transparent, two-way feedback between employees and their managers.

microsoft viva goals

Manage employee performance

Performance reviews, 1:1s, and ad hoc conversations are easy with Perform365. When your people check-in through Microsoft 365, they’re also building their next performance review agenda, which makes appraisals up to 90% more efficient. And more effective because they’re based on evidence, not what you can (or can’t) remember. 

All part of your Viva integration experience in Perform365. 

microsoft viva goals

Drive the success entire team with the Human Success Platform.

Light-touch goal tracking

The Perform365 app for Microsoft’s Viva experience eliminates 90% of performance review and goal update admin. That’s because our performance conversation tools are backed by all the goal and feedback evidence collected in the employee check-in, and our templates and automation tools help your managers focus on the person and not the process. 

All are included in your Perform365 subscription.

microsoft viva goals

Right now, you’re probably wondering what Viva Goals could do for your business. When done well, a good OKR system can benefit efficiency through collaboration. In turn, that becomes a positive force for workplace culture, which is why Microsoft has chosen to focus on OKRS in Viva Goals. 

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See the difference intentional goal-setting can make.

Give your employees the power to drive their own engagement and performance with the best Microsoft Viva alternative for goal management software, Perform365 

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Perform365 helps managers and employees set better goals and track progress using proven frameworks. Want to see how?

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