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Goals and OKRs in Microsoft Teams

Stay focused with goals
and OKRs in Microsoft Teams

Easily align employee OKRs and goals in Microsoft Teams

Help your people thrive: set clear, actionable SMART goals or OKRs and track them from within Microsoft Teams. No new place to go. All of your goal-setting and skill development tools are right where you need them.

When your people know what is expected, they can deliver the extraordinary. Help your employees reach their goals and ensure company success.

Transparency and accountability with OKRs in Perform365

A simple yet effective tool for creating alignment and engagement around measurable goals to propel your organisation forwards.

Goals and OKRs can be public or private; individual, team- or organization-level. And they are fully flexible to how you and your people work, so you could use team goals in Microsoft Teams for projects and private goals for personal development.

goals in Teams

Stay focused with OKRs and SMART goals in Teams

Leaders, managers, and employees can easily see and measure their progress with the Perform365 check-in for Microsoft Teams.

Regular sight of goals and OKRs means more focus, so priorities shift to tasks that make the biggest impact. And OKRs give real-time visibility so everyone knows the direction of travel: a key element in better performance and stronger employee engagement too.

Agile OKR management tool

Improve organizational culture and success through engaging performance.

A holistic approach to performance

Perform365 eliminates 90% of performance review admin and preparation time.

That’s because our performance reviews are backed by all the goal and feedback evidence collected during employee check-ins in Microsoft Teams. As well as engagement and sentiment insights. And our templates and automation tools help your managers and employees focus on the outcome and not the process.

Your framework for informed conversations

Don't just take our word for it

“Perform365 is helping us have really powerful, quality performance and development conversations that are more open and more honest.”

Unlock the full potential of OKRs in Microsoft Teams

Designed for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, our performance management software is packed with features to support, engage, and inspire your team. 

From our 360 feedback tool to performance review tools, SMART goal setting capabilities, and a mobile app, there’s so much more to explore.

Let’s redefine what’s possible with Perform365.

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