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Learn365 Freemium Installation Guide

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Learn365 Freemium

And just like that, you’re in!

We’ve received your information, and you will be receiving a few helpful emails to support you in your Freemium journey, from installation to course enrollments and beyond.

Below, you will find two options for how you can install the Freemium platform.

*Note: You will need a Microsoft 365 Global Administrator account to complete the installation process.

If you don’t have this access, we encourage you to share this page with the appropriate contact, along with the IT checklist at the end of this page.

How to install Learn365 Freemium (formerly LMS365)

Microsoft AppSource

Install Freemium via Microsoft AppSource

Learn365 is verified with Microsoft AppSource which enables you to install our solution from their site. To help you along, here is a full step-by-step video guide for how to install Learn365 Freemium through Microsoft AppSource.