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Employee Feedback in Microsoft Teams

Elevate employee feedback
in Microsoft Teams

Understand your employees better with feedback in Microsoft Teams

Regular feedback increases employee engagement, performance and wellbeing. That’s because small, sustainable changes make a bigger long-term impact than one-off transformation.

Use our weekly Engage365 employee check-in to gather and respond better to employee feedback.

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Understand culture with employee feedback in Microsoft Teams

Feedback is the most effective tool for personal development, so Engage365 helps companies to create to a culture that encourages better employee feedback. And the more often it happens, the more engaged your people feel.

Our employee check-in is based on behavioral science best practice. It’s a process for starting two-way feedback between employees and their managers, as well as collating 360 feedback and peer recognition.

Use two-way feedback to connect

The employee feedback framework for Microsoft Teams

The Engage365 check-in gives your people the time and spaces to share updates with their manager, so managers respond with timely, specific feedback to help their people make smaller, incremental changes to improve their performance. It’s a little but often approach that’s proven to work.

Make employee feedback something your people look forward to sharing each week.

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Drive employee engagement with feedback in Microsoft Teams.

Stay aligned with light-touch employee feedback

Engage365 gives you unparalleled employee engagement capabilities. As a result, weekly employee check-ins fuel AI-powered analytics, providing L&D teams and managers with data-driven insights about their team through regular feedback.

Leverage employee sentiment scores to recognize top talent and support their growth. Plus, gain visibility into employee sentiment to identify and resolve issues before they escalate. Additionally, you can use these actionable insights to optimize talent development and align your workforce with strategic goals.

“If you truly want to better understand your people, then you and your people should embrace a transparent, two-way approach to workplace feedback. You’ll find that moving from an anonymous process to a transparent feedback loop isn’t as painful as you might think.”

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Unlock the full potential of employee feedback in Microsoft Teams

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Engage365 offers a best-practice framework for everyday support, fostering well-being and progress towards goals.

With features like employee recognition, regular check-ins, and manager coaching, Engage365 empowers your people to boost engagement, identify hidden talents, and celebrate great teamwork. 
See how Engage365 is built to help your organization succeed.

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