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Employee Engagement Slack App

Check-in with Perform365
employee engagement Slack app

The dedicated workplace check-in for Slack

The employee engagement check-in software is built for seamless integration with your chosen tools. 

Basically, it works where your people work. Our Slack app boosts performance and employee engagement with a light-touch, regular employee check-in.

employee engagement slack app

Employee engagement in Slack

Using Perform365 in Slack makes giving and receiving feedback easy. While employees complete their regular check-in, managers can give regular and specific feedback to their direct reports. 

Because your people complete their check-in using Slack, adoption and interaction are high. That’s because they’re in the tech every day and there’s no new tech to learn. The @mention feature encourages teamwork and peer recognition.

Fits right into your IT ecosystem

Set and track goals in Slack 

Performance reviews, 1:1s, and ad hoc conversations are easy when you use our employee engagement Slack app. Annual reviews used to take days’ worth of prep, but not anymore. 

Build conversation agendas directly from your employee check-in history. All with 90% less admin. Record actions and feedback. Schedule meetings for future conversations, and more. All within Perform365 in Slack.

goals in slack

Drive the success of your HR team with the Human Success Platform.

Giving someone a voice is easy. Listening and acting creates impact.

Perform365 helps managers give feedback that’s timely, specific, and honest. Honest feedback shows your people that they’re valued which is an important part of feeling engaged at work.  

And we all know that engaged people out-perform their peers 

Ready to build stronger teams with 360 feedback-

A weekly check-in is a quick but structured way to give your manager a snapshot of how your week has gone. It focuses on your day-to-day experiences and makes your formal 1:1 meetings more effective because they’re not bogged down in the daily details. 

People Laughing

See the difference a check-in makes.

Give your employees the power to drive their own engagement and performance with our employee engagement software.  

Proactively shape your workforce, aligning skills and engagement with your strategic goals, ultimately empowering the success of your employees and organization as a whole. Why not start today? 

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