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Check-in for Microsoft Teams

Check-in with your
employees in Microsoft Teams

Improve employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

A regular employee check-in means better performance, higher engagement, and closer goal alignment. Make sure employees have a place to reflect, share wins, and flag concerns all in the tools they use every day.

With our employee check-in tool, you can enable regular feedback directly through Microsoft Teams.

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Check-in through Microsoft Teams and see 90% less performance review admin

Performance reviews, 1:1s and ad hoc conversations are easy with Perform365 in Microsoft Teams.

When your people check-in through, they’re also building their next performance review agenda. Making appraisals up to 90% more efficient. And more effective because they’re based on evidence, not what you can (or can’t) remember.

Engagement and performance, on the go

Align goals and OKRs in Microsoft Teams

Stay focused on the metrics that matter. Your people update their goal progress while they’re checking in through Microsoft Teams. If there’s no update, employees know to prioritize next week.

No more spreadsheets or disconnected paperwork. Managers get complete visibility of their team’s progress. And your people understand their contribution to company success.

Clear SMART goal setting

Drive employee engagement and performance with our check-in app for Microsoft Teams.

Check-ins encourage regular recognition

Discretionary effort often goes unnoticed. Especially with remote and flexible working. The @mentions feature in your check-in reminds your people to say thank you or call out the great work their colleagues are doing.

You can even push these check-in mentions to a dedicated Recognition Microsoft Teams Channel to make them public.

Ready to build stronger teams with 360 feedback-

Build employee engagement without surveys

Employees complete their check-in using Microsoft Teams. Managers reciprocate with regular and specific feedback. And employees thrive off peer recognition.

This builds long-term, sustainable engagement. In turn, check-ins feed AI-driven dashboards which give you the real engagement picture across all teams. Without resorting to annual engagement surveys.

Complement performance reviews with 360 feedback

“Checking in regularly with your staff is an essential part of ongoing performance management. But your check-in is only as good as the questions you ask.”

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Want to see more of Perform365?

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Perform365 offers a best-practice framework for everyday support, fostering well-being and progress towards goals.

With features like employee recognition, regular check-ins, and performance management, Perform365 empowers your people to boost engagement, identify hidden talents, and celebrate great teamwork. 
See how Perform365 is built to help your organization succeed.

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