ZENSAI Art Project: A Collaborative Art Series in Beverly Hills

We are excited to announce the ZENSAI Art Project, an ongoing program intended to provide a platform for artists of varying profiles and art mediums. ZENSAI is collaborating with various artists to curate an art gallery space in the ZENSAI Beverly Hills flagship store, design limited capsules with original work from the participating artists, and host weekly live activations in the ZENSAI store.

Art is a pillar of the ZENSAI design philosophy and will continue to inform the line’s story. In appreciation of the arts and its role in the development of the brand’s culture, we are committed to supporting artists through collaborations, helping with exposure and continue to display the inherent relationship between art and fashion.

The ZENSAI Art Project has launched in partnership with LA-based artist Rachel Berkowitz and Jamie Lawrence, learn more about Rachel's story HERE and Jamie's story HERE

ZENZAI Art Project pieces available in the gallery.

ZENSAI x Artist Capsules: The ZENSAI Art Project capsules will feature original artwork on ZENSAI jackets, jeans, hats, and bags created by the participating artists. Exclusively available at the ZENSAI flagship store.

Residency In-Store Activations: The ZENSAI Art Project in-store activations will provide a unique opportunity to meet and watch the artists work on their ZENSAI pieces, providing a unique view into their creative process. Details for custom orders will be available in-store. 

ZENSAI Gallery: ZENSAI is transforming its second-floor mezzanine into an art gallery space that will feature rotating exhibitions with the participating artists’ work available to purchase.

The ZENSAI Beverly Hills flagship store is designed to be experienced like an art space, it brings us great pleasure to provide a new platform for artists while challenging the concept of what a fashion retail space can be.