Quick facts about Andrade Gutierrez: engineering training at Andrade Gutierrez logo

  • Industry: Engineering & Construction
  • HQ: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Established: 1948
  • Website: andradegutierrez.com.br

Challenge: Complicated training management

Andrade Gutierrez, a multinational engineering organization, was experiencing several difficulties with their current Learning Management System (LMS). With more than 11.000 employees it was a real issue that learners found it hard to find courses and inquired about general usability in the system. In addition, they were struggling with simple things such as creating courses and uploading files.

Due to these issues and to ensure the continued wave of innovation in the organization, they chose to look for another LMS that could meet their needs.

“A great gain for us is that we now have a solution that constantly keeps improving. It is very important for us to know that we continue to have a robust platform.”

Daniele Santos, Training and Development Analyst

Solution: Intuitive engineering training management in Microsoft 365

To avoid the issues of their previous system Andrade Gutierrez wanted an LMS that was easy to use, both for the administrator and the learners. Furthermore, as the organization was using Microsoft 365, they also needed the LMS to be well integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Active Directory.

The overall list of needs for the LMS were:

  • Access to a SCORM player
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Easy to use and manage

Results: Access to training in the flow of work

After testing different tools in the market Andrade Gutierrez found Learn365 which met their demands and at the same time offered a good manager and user experience. Due to the platform’s integration with SharePoint, the installation process went smoothly with assistance from the Learn365 team.

At the first stage of implementation, Learn365 was assigned to 100 users. The feedback was very positive from the learners as well as the administrators which led Andrade Gutierrez to upgrade the platform to 1000 users.

Since the implementation, Andrade Gutierrez has experienced many positive changes. Much of this is because they are now able to offer a user-friendly engineering training system for their learners. Furthermore, it also works as a reference for developing online actions and presence.

All courses and training are uploaded or configured within the LMS. Some required courses are triggered by date (once a year) and the others are done when the users want to. All the courses and the materials in Learn365 are searchable within their SharePoint environment. This eases the learners’ ability to find relevant courses and subject matches.

Future: A more integrated learning and training solution

With an average of 976 active users, Andrade Gutierrez has discovered the many possibilities of integrating other tools already available with Learn365. In addition, being able to access the learning and engineering training environment within their familiar SharePoint platform has made things easier for the learners.

Due to the success Andrade Gutierrez has experienced by implementing Learn365 they plan to increase their number of licenses in the future. In addition, the future will also include making even more courses on various topics available to the learners. To ensure that learners can access Learn365 as part of their usual work environment the organization plans to expand the integration to Microsoft Teams.

About Andrade Gutierrez

Andrade Gutierrez, founded in 1948 is headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Today the multinational company offers 70 years of experience within the engineering and construction sector. The company provides engineering and construction services in the sectors of power plants, mining mills and refineries, ports, subways, sanitation, and urbanization systems in Brazil and abroad.