Quick facts about SDC: 

  • Industry: IT Services and Consulting
  • No. of learners: 8000
  • HQ: Ballerup, Denmark
  • Web: https://www.sdc.dk/

Challenge: Lack of E-learning for Customers

Before its partnership with Learn365, SDC faced significant limitations with its self-developed e-learning platform. The platform’s restricted functionality, which only allowed for basic features like slideshows, links, and videos, coupled with login and data collection issues, hindered SDC’s ability to deliver effective customer training. The need for a more robust and user-friendly solution became increasingly apparent.

“What makes me happiest about working with Learn365 is definitely that it’s such an easy system and it’s awesome that they are coming with new features all the time.”

Julie-Astrid Bønlykke, Learning Architect

Solution: Streamlined and Improved E-learning Offerings

To address these challenges and enhance its e-learning offerings, SDC chose to employ Learn365. By leveraging Learn365, SDC aimed to streamline customer training processes and provide comprehensive support through a user-friendly platform. The transition to Learn365 proved to be a strategic move, empowering SDC to offer improved e-learning experiences to their customers.

Additionally, the partnership with Learn365 also enabled them to establish the SDC Academy, a department where customers could access learning resources about their IT systems. The platform’s ease of use and navigation made it convenient for customers to find solutions when encountering difficulties with the system.

Results: Seamless and Secure Customer Training

Following the implementation of Learn365, SDC witnessed a surge in customer interest in the platform. The enhanced data collection capabilities of Learn365 enabled SDC to gather valuable insights into customer learning behaviors and preferences.

 “We got more customers wanting to use the platform and we also got better statistics and now we can actually see how many people who are taking all the e-learnings that we have and we can also see what are they taking. We can see a lot more details.”

Julie-Astrid Bønlykke, Learning Architect

With the ability to track e-learning uptake and content consumption, SDC gained a deeper understanding of their customers’ engagement levels and learning paths, leading to more informed decision-making.

Future: Evolved E-learning for Customers

The successful partnership between SDC and Learn365 has paved the way for continued growth and innovation in customer training initiatives. By harnessing the power of Learn365, SDC can further enhance its e-learning offerings, cater to evolving customer needs, and drive engagement through personalized learning experiences.

Looking ahead, SDC is poised to leverage the collaborative strengths of Learn365 to deliver cutting-edge customer training solutions and elevate its e-learning capabilities to new heights.

About SDC

SDC is a full-service IT center that develops innovative effective banking solutions for millions of bank customers across the Nordics. That’s why we are constantly challenging ourselves to build solid bridges between strong user experiences and effectiveness . And we are among the leading companies to succeed with exactly that.  

Based on the philosophy “common solutions for common needs”, we are owned by banks across Denmark, Faroe Islands, Sweden, and Norway who are also our customers. In this way, we stand stronger together – both in terms of quality and costs.