Quick facts about Dynatrace: 

Challenge: Complicated Course Creation

Dynatrace is a provider of performance monitoring and improvement software. With 3,600 employees spread over multiple global locations, the company is experiencing explosive growth. 

With a new Learning Management Solution (LMS) proving not fit for purpose, the learning team urgently sought a replacement learning platform that was super easy to use, could integrate with Dynatrace’s Microsoft 365 digital workplace, and support learning at scale with minimal administration. 

“Learn365 was the perfect fit for us. It’s very easy to use and understand and has empowered our employees to administer their own courses. It’s enabling a knowledge-sharing culture as more and more people across the business create learning content that reflects their expertise.“ 

Helene Richter, Learning and Development Lead, R&D

Solution: An Agile Democratized Learning Platform

Dynatrace was looking for a new learning platform that supported the company’s rapid growth and allowed employees to keep up with technical trends, but also be effortless to manage.

Helene Richter, Learning and Development Lead, R&D, comments:

It had to be easy to maintain. We are a small learning team, but Dynatrace is constantly growing and the solution needed to scale. Everything must be as automated as possible, so that our team doesn’t have to look after everything.

It also needed to be possible for anyone to contribute to courses, further democratizing course creation. Helene explains, “Our experts create their own content. It had to be easy to build courses and important that anybody creating a course was only responsible for their own content. It was a challenge to find a solution where anybody can be an admin but only for their own courses.” Integrating with Microsoft 365 was also critical.

We wanted perfect integration with our Microsoft 365 environment, especially being able to send invitations directly to learners to attend courses.

Following extensive research, ten vendors were selected to give demos; this list was then reduced to three for deeper testing.

The Zensai team was really supportive in providing us a demo environment. Being able to test Learn365 convinced us that it was the right fit for Dynatrace. We started in June and launched in September! We adapted the look and feel, added content and went live. It was a smooth roll-out.

Helene Richter, Learning and Development Lead, R&D

Results: Seamless and Secure Customer Training

Today Learn365 supports 2,000 users, mainly software developers, who access it via the company’s SharePoint intranet.  Helene shares:

Learn365 is so tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 learners don’t even know they’re in the app. It still looks and feels like SharePoint. That’s helped us to achieve a very high adoption rate, with a threefold increase of unique users per month, and people returning up to 20 times per month. The take-up has been tremendous.

Helene Richter, Learning and Development Lead, R&D

Learners access a bright and vibrant platform that is branded as “Advanced Galaxy” with a fun and engaging space theme; courses are branded as ‘missions’ and learning plans are ‘quests’. Helene adds, “We’ve adapted all of that on the interface and it works really well.” Additionally, the integration with Microsoft 365 has also enabled other capabilities.

The invitation management integration with Outlook and Microsoft 365 groups has been a huge bonus. We love that we have the flexibility to report exactly how we want using Power BI and automate workflows using Power Automate.

Here, a Power BI dashboard has been set up that includes KPIs such as course enrollments and completions, while a form and approval workflow leveraging Power Automate enables the team to approve new courses and partly automates the course creation process, again reducing the effort in managing Learn365. 

So far there are around 250 courses on the platform contributed by stakeholders right across Dynatrace, a figure that continues to expand with their new democratized learning platform. Helene comments:

Learn365 is very easy to use and has the flexibility for course admins to only manage their own courses. That’s allowed us to open up the platform so that everyone can create their own learning items. People are really motivated to share their knowledge. 

Streamlined Rollout of A Democratized Learning Platform

Remarkably, this roll-out has been easy to achieve. “We haven’t needed to run any training sessions. We just created a course on how to create a course and it provides some tips! Now 20 learning items are created per month and over 50 live sessions have been held, all without our involvement.” 

In addition to being Dynatrace’s democratized learning platform, Learn365 is also being used for employee onboarding.  Helene says, “Our new starters use Learn365 from the first day when they are invited to their onboarding learning. We’ve improved our global onboarding process which is very important for us due to our high growth rate. It now runs smoothly with very little administrative effort. “  

The team has also recently launched a skills framework which is mapped to Learn365. Helene comments:

We recently assigned all the skills from our role profiles to training courses, so if people want to upskill to the next level or a different role, they can identify their skill gap and easily find the right learning content.

Other learning managed on Learn365 includes training from suppliers like Google and sales training on Dynatrace’s own products.  With sustained high adoption, Learn365 is starting to evolve beyond being a learning platform, helping the company shift towards a knowledge-sharing culture. Helene comments, “We were really surprised by the uptake from people to create their own content and share resources. Our learning and knowledge are now much more visible and transparent, and more accessible for everyone.” 

Future: Evolved E-learning for Customers

Going forward, Helene Richter intends to continue to encourage teams around Dynatrace to add more courses, but also potentially extend Learn365’s use to more employees. “We are still continuing to grow very rapidly, and we will continuously extend the number of users, especially as other departments also show interest in using the platform.” The team also expects to unlock more of the platforms’ feature set.

We already use a lot of features like room booking, waiting lists and certificates. New releases bring a lot of great enhancements that help us to continuously improve our offering. We grow with Learn365.  

Helene believes that this will drive adoption, but also continue to embed the Advanced Galaxy as a true knowledge-sharing environment. “We expect that our internal adoption will increase even more and that Learn365 will become not only our learning tool but also a knowledge platform too.” 

About Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a global provider of performance monitoring, automation and security software.  Founded in 2005, the company has 3,600 employees based in multiple locations across the world.