Quick facts about Youi: Youi insurance certification training

  • Industry: Insurance
  • HQ: Queensland, Australia
  • Established: 2008
  • Website: www.youi.com.au

Challenge: Complex compliance training administration

Youi is a market-leading general insurance company based in Queensland, Australia, with over 1,700 staff. Founded in 2008, the company has grown rapidly over the last 12 years and developed its own learning management platform to deliver training, certification, and development programs to their staff.

However, as they grew, they discovered the learning platform required a significant amount of support from the company’s IT department. Administration of the courses became more complex, which meant the system struggled to keep up with demand. It also began to show limitations in terms of the types of content it could handle.  

A decision was made to seek an alternative learning management solution (LMS) to address the limitations they identified.  Youi wanted to leverage their investment in Microsoft 365 as well as remove the need for in-house support and ensure an LMS solution could scale with the business in the most efficient way possible. 

“Learn365 gives us visibility of the progress staff make with their training, which is vitally important from a compliance and risk management perspective.”

Matthew Weatherill, Digital Learning Manager, Youi

Solution: Streamlined certification training in Microsoft 365

Service excellence is part of the DNA of the Youi business and training plays a vital role in delivering on the promise to put customers at the center of everything they do at Youi. Matthew Weatherill, Youi’s Digital Learning Manager, led an initiative to move away from the in-house learning platform to a SaaS product that integrated seamlessly with Microsoft 365. As Matthew explained, simplicity and ease of integration were major considerations:  

The challenge we had was we’d outgrown our in-house LMS, and it required a lot of IT support. We needed something that would integrate easily with our office systems, different content types and provide us with the ability to scale up easily.

Matthew and his team set out to source a product that could provide them with the flexibility and ease of use they needed to deliver quality certification training. After careful consideration, they chose Learn365 from partner Evergreen Digital. As Matthew points out, the decision was easy to make:  

The fact that Learn365 is designed specifically for Microsoft 365 users and runs in the cloud on SharePoint online means it has a very familiar look and feel to the applications all our staff currently use. Evergreen Digital showed us Learn365 could handle SCORM packages really well and give us visibility of the progress staff make with their training, which is vitally important from a compliance and risk management perspective.

Results: Access to training anywhere, at any time

Matthew discovered that the installation and set-up process was very straightforward and uncomplicated:   

Evergreen Digital made the whole implementation and configuration process really simple and their support throughout has been outstanding.

Furthermore, compliance training administration has delivered improved staff engagement. Additionally, this includes suitable courses being offered and the upskilling of staff being completed.  

Because the course catalog is available via web browsers and Microsoft Teams, Matthew sees improvements in the way training is being consumed: 

Staff can now access courses via Microsoft Teams on mobile devices and their desktop or laptop computers, which means they can train in the flow of work, completing their training the way that suits them.

Youi uses a lot of Go1 off-the-shelf packaged training, which means they are constantly adding to their catalog. Matthew believes being able to do this via an API is another factor driving the take-up of online training.  

Our business demands rapid turnaround on compliance and certification training. The way Learn365 and Go1 are integrated makes this process fast and hassle-free.

Future: Training for external partners

Matthew Weatherill has ambitions to increase the amount of training offered through their catalog over time; this includes providing training to their external insurance partners.  

Supported by Evergreen Digital, who undertook the implementation and continues to support Youi, Matthew feels the future of learning in the business looks very positive.  

We have a reputation for delivering exceptional customer experiences and to continue to do this, we need partners like Evergreen Digital and Learn365 who can respond quickly and help us provide a consistently high-quality training experience to our staff.

About Youi

Youi is Australia’s most successful independent insurer, winning multiple awards yearly for its unrivaled products and customer experiences. Established in 2008, Youi employs over 1700 offices in each state and HQ based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  Evergreen Digital is Learn365’s principal partner in Australia and New Zealand. Over 11 years the company has gained an impressive reputation for delivering exceptional outcomes for its clients, designing, and deploying learning management solutions in the Digital Workplace.