Quick facts about CEJN: 

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • HQ: Skövde, Sweden
  • Web: www.cejn.com

Challenge: Global Sales Training Efficiency with LMS for Manufacturing

CEJN Group, a prominent manufacturer of couplings for compressed air, faced a significant challenge in providing global sales training efficiently and cost-effectively. With employees scattered across the world, traditional training methods were time-consuming and costly, requiring either travel to various locations or centralizing training at their headquarters in Sweden.

“What sets Learn365 (formerly LMS365) apart from other learning management systems, is the tight integration with Microsoft 365. That’s a really good advantage for companies that use this Microsoft 365.”

Henrik Söder, eLearning Developer & Academy Leader

Solution: Seamless Global Learning Management with Learn365

For a global company like CEJN Group, reaching all employees in different parts of the world was a challenge. The company turned to Learn365, a learning management system that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, to revolutionize its approach to global sales training.

This integration not only provided a smooth user experience but also enabled CEJN Group to reach all employees worldwide, offering 24/7 access to training materials. Additionally, the introduction of Learn365, branded as the CEJN Academy, in March marked a pivotal moment in their training strategy.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Prior to Learn365, the process of providing learning was both time-consuming and costly. It involved getting employees to the head office in Sweden or sending someone to one of the sales offices worldwide.

With Learn365, the company launched the CEJN Academy, and since then, the system has worked perfectly. The result?

“Our salespeople are more secure and comfortable when they’re talking to customers, and this means that they will probably be able to sell more of our products, and in that way, our profit will rise.”

Henrik Söder, eLearning Developer & Academy Leader

Seamless Integration and Monitoring

The seamless integration of Learn365 with Microsoft 365 made everything very smooth and easy, according to Soder. Furthermore, the company could integrate Power BI with Learn365, providing an excellent solution and tool to monitor which employees have completed which training and what knowledge they have. 

Results: Enhanced Sales Training in Microsoft 365 Drives Profitability

The implementation of Learn365 brought about remarkable results for CEJN Group. Salespeople became more confident and adept at engaging with customers, leading to increased sales and a boost in profitability. Learn365’s integration with Microsoft 365 and Power BI allowed for seamless monitoring of employee training progress. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s knowledge and skills.

Our salespeople are more confident and comfortable when talking to customers, which we believe has led to increased sales and, consequently, increased profits.

Future: Leveraging LMS for Manufacturing Excellence

Looking ahead, CEJN Group plans to further leverage Learn365 for manufacturing-specific training initiatives. This will help them capitalize on their success in global sales training. The partnership with Learn365 has proven to be a strategic decision, paving the way for continued growth and innovation in their learning and development programs.

Working with the team at Learn365 has been an amazing experience. They have been supportive and responsive, ensuring that we get the most out of the platform. Partnering with Learn365 was indeed the right decision for our team.

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About CEJN

CEJN is a leading global niche company with local presence providing innovative quick connect solutions, adding value and productivity to customer applications and processes. The company is committed to high-quality products with focus on performance, safety and environment, secured through own development and production in a spirit of continuous improvements of processes, technologies and products. CEJN is an independent family-owned business with its roots in Sweden since its start in 1955. CEJN is committed to maintaining its high standards of responsibility towards our customers, employees and the environment.