Quick facts about Bossard: 

  • Industry: Fastening and Assembly Technology
  • HQ: Zug, Switzerland
  • Established: 1831
  • Web: www.bossard.com

Read below and see what Bossard’s Modern Workplace Specialist, Nathalie Dallath shared about how they built structured training in Microsoft Teams with our LMS, Learn365.

How has collaboration between employees improved since you began using Learn365 to train them on Teams usage?

For our users that are often working on many projects simultaneously and collaborating with others daily, they have especially appreciated Microsoft Teams and the adoption training provided through Learn365. This sentiment is also shared by those working with external customers or suppliers, as Teams is often used to support this cooperation. They see that Teams makes collaboration more efficient and transparent, which is why our employees, as well as their customers and suppliers, are actively using Teams in their daily business.

How has Learn365 helped improve the efficiency and productivity of employees in using Teams and other Microsoft products?

With the help of Learn365, we can easily offer training for Microsoft tools and services independent of time or user location. To avoid wild growth in Microsoft Teams we even used a course we built on Learn365 to govern how a new Microsoft Teams team can be created. Our employees need to pass a Microsoft Teams basic training on Learn365 before they can create their own teams in Microsoft Teams. This has further boosted the adoption of Teams and the Microsoft 365 toolset.

Learn365 enables us to achieve unbeatable Power-Collaboration with Microsoft Teams!

Nathalie Dallath, Modern Workplace Specialist

How has the implementation of Learn365 helped you optimize the use of Microsoft Teams and group formation?

With the help of Learn365, we are now able to offer structured training for specific user groups and levels. This ensures that the user can receive training whenever and wherever they need it. 

What specific benefits has Learn365 brought to Bossard, especially in terms of the learning culture?

Before implementing Learn365, we did not really have a proper learning culture. Business units and departments offered individual, non-transparent training. Our employees had no chance to see what training was offered across Bossard, which was one of the main reasons we decided to roll out Learn365 in 2021. The main target was to have one single place for training.

However, training is not the same for everyone; there are many different scenarios of training and some are only relevant and applicable for a specific group of people. However, there are some training topics that should be mandatory for all employees, not matter where they are located or what they are working with.

Learn365 has provided us with the ability to customize the learning experience for our users. With this hub for learning, we were able to bring people development to the next stage. Our employees now have the chance to easily expand their skillsets internally with the growing learning hub we offer in our Learn365 environment.

About Bossard

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Bossard is a global leader in fastening and assembly technology solutions. With a focus on innovation and quality, Bossard offers a comprehensive range of products and services for industries worldwide. Their expertise spans automotive, electronics, aerospace, and more. By providing cutting-edge solutions, Bossard helps businesses optimize assembly processes and achieve operational excellence.