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In our remote-centric world, traditional training methods no longer suffice. Organizations need agile, dynamic, and accessible solutions to train their employees effectively. Our eBook provides:

  • Proven strategies: Learn the latest best practices for organizing and delivering VILT.
  • Enhanced engagement: Discover tools and techniques to keep learners engaged and motivated.
  • Real-world success: See how top companies have transformed their training programs and achieved outstanding results.

What will you learn?

Our eBook provides a detailed roadmap to mastering virtual instructor-led training with Microsoft Teams, addressing common pain points and offering practical solutions:

  • Introduction to VILT: Understand the fundamentals of virtual instructor-led training and its significance in today’s digital learning landscape.
  • Key components for success: Discover the essential elements that make VILT effective, including seamless content delivery, accessibility, and tailored training approaches.
  • New and enhanced Microsoft Teams features: Dive into four powerful features of Microsoft Teams designed to enhance your virtual training sessions.
  • Case studies and testimonials: Gain insights from real-world examples of organizations that have successfully transformed their training programs using VILT in Microsoft Teams.
  • Best practices: Find best practices for setting up, delivering, and optimizing VILT sessions to drive employee success and organizational growth.

See how Learn365 customers have expanded their VILT in Microsoft Teams.

“Learn365 gave us the flexibility to create different formats for our courses, and our learners benefited from a flexible learning experience. They also found it very useful to be able to go back to their training content more than once and as needed.”

Myra Khalife, General Secretary of Donnar Sang Compter (DSC)

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