See the mistakes bad managers make. Discover how great managers do it. And learn three clear actions you can work towards today to guide you to be a good manager by powering up your own management skills.

How this guide helps you to be a good manager

For too long managers have taken second fiddle to the trendier role of leaders. Great people managers have been sidelined while we’ve been focused on the Bezos-type leaders of the world. The allure of focussing on leaders, particularly champions of business is understandable but ill-advised and quite simply unfair. And it must stop now.

Research shows time and time again the huge importance of managers in the workplace, particularly to individual employees. Managers can have a massive impact both positive and not so. 70% of employee engagement is impacted by how good a manager is at guiding their teams.

This one finding alone is huge. Additionally, employee engagement is linked to a host of business success factors such as profitability, employee turnover, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Never mind the countless number of other studies that show the importance of good a manager and how they guide their teams.

Always-on employee feedback empowers employees and managers – and has an immediate impact on employee engagement, motivation, and ultimately productivity. Clarity is the pathway to solid results, but a recent survey shows that 42% of employees have cited having unclear goals as their biggest source of workplace stress.

So as you read on, ask yourself one simple question: Am I the best manager I can be?

What will you learn in this guide:

  • Five mistakes that great managers avoid
  • Seven skills that great managers demonstrate
  • Three ways to power up your management skills today

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